Another brick in the Wall

On our way back from Illinois after Christmas, Ron and I stopped in Joplin for dinner. While we were in town, Ron mentioned that he’d like to see the Wall of Hope, which is a sort of informal, interactive public art installation that’s been growing on the side of a tornado-damaged building at the corner of 20th and Main for the past few months.

With the help of my iPad (thank you, Google Maps app), we located the wall, which I photographed as well as I could under the adverse lighting conditions. I’ll let the pictures explain it:

More below the fold:

Formal, carefully constructed monuments are all well and good, but I generally find the organic, spontaneous kind more moving. They feel more personal and sincere, like the roadside descansos left at fatal crash sites.

I like the way this one invites participation from viewers and shows the role words and images can play in healing. Everybody thinks about sending food, water, and money after a disaster. Those things are important, but ideas, inspiration, and hope are equally important, and it’s easy to overlook them in the midst of a crisis. I’m grateful to the artists who started this project for putting their talent to work mending broken hearts and uplifting thought in a community that can use all the hope it can get as it rises from the aftermath of the worst disaster in its history.




One thought on “Another brick in the Wall”

  1. Wow! That’s fantastic! I always look for graffiti and street art around the city, respectful of its artistic value. But where I come, I only know of one wall that’s similar but doesn’t even come remotely close to this!

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