Weekend update

I just got in from Tucumcari a couple of hours ago. A few highlights:

Friday's sunset through the window of Room 6.
We spent Saturday morning removing the old floor in Room 6. It was in pretty bad shape, as there was no subfloor under it.

Truth be told, I was pretty useless on Saturday. I haven’t done much demolition work, so I wasn’t terribly efficient with the crowbar and sledgehammer. I redeemed myself Sunday, though, when we installed the subfloor. A math teacher who loves power tools is obviously going to do well on a project that involves measuring plywood and using cordless drills to screw it to the joists. (If you were planning to make a joke about how I’m better at screwing than anything else, don’t bother — I already beat you to that punchline.)

More below the fold:

Fun fact: This photo was shot by Jennifer Edwards of Catoosa. She and her husband, Ron, were passing through Tucumcari on Sunday when they saw the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar parked at the Swallow and stopped for a visit. What were the odds that two of my favorite preservation buddies from Oklahoma would show up while I was in the middle of a preservation project in New Mexico? On Route 66, probably higher than you think....
Two of my favorite things: Tucumcari Mountain and the Blue Swallow.
As usual, the Dreamcar drew attention everywhere it went.
New swallow. Not the classic design, but very pretty.
I passed this sign this morning between Tucumcari and San Jon. These verses have carried me through quite a few long runs. I assume the property owner raises endurance horses. Apologies for the grainy image; I'm still learning the limitations of my PowerShot.
Mexican restaurant mascot in Vega, Texas.

The giant rooster totally reminds me of Beyonce from the Bloggess Web site.

The world probably doesn't need another picture of the Timber Creek Bridge near Sayre, but I shot one anyway.
This place in Canute is a private residence now. I secretly want to buy it and reopen it as a motel.
Kobel's Place near Foss.
Christmas light display in OKC. The LEDs change color.
I am pretty sure Aubrey McClendon was responsible for this. I love Aubrey McClendon. He's like a slightly less eccentric, Okie version of Stanley Marsh 3.
New neon sign in Bristow. It's been up for a few weeks, but this is the first time I've been through there at night since it was installed.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.






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