Auspicious start

Here are some of my favorite things:

1. The Blue Swallow Motel.
2. Route 66 preservation projects.
3. Power tools.
4. The Blue Whale.
5. Green chiles.
6. Large, friendly dogs.

I’m taking it as a positive sign that 2012 began with all of the above.

First, the leaders of Fins of the Blue Whale showed up at the Blue Swallow this morning to say hello while I was in Room 6, cordless screwdriver in hand, installing plywood for the new subfloor as part of the preservation work going on in there.

Then Kevin and Nancy treated me to dinner at the Pow Wow, where I had the New Mexico Philly, which is a cheesesteak sandwich made with green chile in place of the bell peppers.

To top it all off, Bessie and Boomer — the Blue Swallow’s resident golden retrievers — spent a big chunk of the day wagging their tails and clamoring to be petted.

My year is off to an excellent start.


One thought on “Auspicious start”

  1. I wish that I had known you were going. I wouldn’t have begged a ride. I have been wanting to visit Kevin and Nancy at their motel since they went out. They stopped at the Wagon Wheel several times in their travels from Michigan to NM, and I follow them on FB.
    Then I could have taken photos of you with your car. LOL.
    It looks like you had a great time.

    I think that my husband and I will make the trip sometime. Right now, we are getting one of those large, friendly dogs that you like acclimated to his new home at our house. He eats his bedding instead of people.

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