Here’s my latest coffeehouse artwork. Apologies for the poor photo quality; I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone instead.




The first three are from a couple of weeks ago; I just forgot to post them at the time.



I painted the last two this evening. I have two more to paint on that wall, and then I can start the ginormous ones on the next wall. I’m really pleased with the way the project is turning out. I still need to make the Roman shade for the window, rustle up a pretty mirror that goes well in there, and paint the bricks, but it’s coming together nicely.

In other news, our academic (a.k.a. scholar bowl) team took fourth place in the all-city tournament today, and two kids brought home individual awards. We have an awesome team. The kids swept the district seeding tournament a few weeks ago, then followed up by taking first at regionals. If we make the top four at the area tournament in Miami next month, we’re going to state. I think I’m even more excited about this than I was when my own team went to state 20 years ago.

I still owe you pictures from my trip to Tucumcari last week. Stay tuned; I’ll try to post those this weekend.