Going Batty

I had to swipe these pictures from my sister’s Facebook account and post them here — partly so you could see them, but mostly so I could show them to my students, who tend to appreciate pictures of my nephews doing hilarious things:

Grace explained that they were pretending to drive the Batmobile. Check out the intensity on Ollie's face. I wish I had audio on this.
The look on Jamie's face is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. When he is a senior in high school, I swear to everything that's holy I am going to buy a full-page ad in the yearbook and fill the entire thing with this picture.

Funny little guys….


This is brilliant.

I got a Christmas present in the mail today:

It’s a toilet-paper cozy. My Aunt Jean designed it. She’s wicked with a ball of yarn — she also sent two sock monkey potholders, a gorgeous (and very soft) robin’s-egg-blue sweater for me, and a scarf and hat for Ron — but this is the most Craftster-worthy thing I have ever seen.


This may be the coolest Christmas present I’ve gotten since 1981*….


* My smartass little sister was born Dec. 25, 1981.