More painting

I spent about three and a half hours working on my mural project this evening. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going thus far. Behold:

The Round Barn on Route 66 in Arcadia.

Finishing touches on the Chandler Phillips 66 station. I took some liberties with the background, which is terribly cluttered with buildings and whatnot in real life. I like the way the roof turned out. The multicolored shingles translated well to faux-sepia tones, I thought.

Work in progress. Brews & Bytes closed before I finished this one, but I’ll go back and work on it some more this weekend. Again, I took some artistic license with the background. I’m doing that a lot just to keep things simple and uncluttered.

Overview of the project thus far. I have room for two or three more images on this part of the wall, and then I’ll move to another section.

Hope you enjoyed your evening. I’d had some good intentions about going to church and then hitting the gym this evening, but I got so caught up in my painting that I lost track of time, and it was 9 o’clock before I knew it. I’m still pretty tired from my run the other day, so I think it was probably wise to give myself another day to recover.