Latest adventures

OK, so “adventures” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m heading into some unfamiliar territory this week:¬†I’ve joined a respectable gym and put myself on a low-carb diet.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I’ve just decided I want another marathon, and I’d kind of like to do it right this time.

This basically means I’ve treated myself to a Gold’s Gym membership (I joined last night and logged three miles at an 11:30 pace, which I think is pretty respectable for a girl who hasn’t run in the better end of year) and started cooking dinner at home to cut back on the carbs.

Notice I said “cut back,” not “eliminate.” I’m not doing that Atkins-diet, deprivation-to-the-brink-of-organ-failure crap. Instead, I’m¬†practicing something completely alien to me: moderation. Basically, this means I have my usual decaf Sumatra for breakfast, a package of Reese cups and a Diet Dr. Pepper for lunch, and something heavy on the protein and vegetables for dinner. I’ve also swapped my usual late-night Dymaxion sundaes for mixed nuts and/or fresh veggies with all the fiesta ranch dip I want. It’s pretty painless, although I’m sure I’d be climbing walls if not for the Reese cups — which, for the record, have only slightly more calories and about the same amount of carbs as a can of Slim-Fast. (If I manage to lose 30 pounds on this diet, I am so going to lobby Hershey’s for an endorsement deal. That insufferable Jared from Subway has needed somebody to knock him off his low-fat pedestal for years, and I think I’m just the girl to do it.)

In other news, I did some more work on my painting project at Brews & Bytes this afternoon. Mike Reed, who co-owns the coffeehouse with his wife, Stevia, was kind enough to take a picture of my handiwork with his iPhone after I stupidly walked out of the house without my camera. Here it is:

For some reason, that second rectangle turned out a little wonky (no idea how that happened, since the first was fine, and I used the same template for both), but I think it still looks pretty good. The picture is based on Bill Fernau’s 1930 Phillips 66 station on Route 66 in Chandler.