Further proof

Here is further proof that my kids are awesome: I was recently asked to teach the journalism classes, which are responsible for writing content for our student-produced newspaper, the Webster Weekly. The photography classes shoot all the pictures, and the kids in my j-classes do all the reporting and writing. I’m currently editing and designing the page, but I’m hoping to shift those responsibilities to the more advanced students as we go.

Click here to see our most recent handiwork. I personally think we have a pretty terrific publication.


My kids are awesome.

Here is proof that my kids are awesome:

1. Check out the video some of my kids made in their broadcasting class:

I look like a big dork, but the kids are adorable.

2. One of my kids is the Tulsa World’s athlete of the week.

Stay tuned. I have more proof of my kids’ awesomely awesome awesomeness, but I don’t have a hand free to post it at the moment.