Not-Exactly-Folk Thursday: Senior Year

Between a school newspaper deadline and a scholar bowl meet, I’m having a serious memories-of-senior-year kind of day. Which got me to thinking: If I made an iTunes playlist a mix tape for 1993, what would be on it?

(Videos below the fold to keep from slowing down the front page on my blog.)

Definitely a little Richard Marx …

… some B-52’s …

… something off Depeche Mode’s Violator

… a little R.E.M., with Kate Pierson singing backup …

… one of those Neil Diamond albums I liberated from my Mom’s closet …

… and lest you think I’ve completely forgotten what day it is: When I wasn’t listening to any of the above, odds were pretty good I’d have this pouring out of the speakers in my 1985 Nissan Pulsar …

Yes. This is definitely the perfect soundtrack for a day that began with me bawling people out for blowing deadline and ended with a scholar bowl game and a pile of editing. Hand me a cappuccino, a box of red henna, and an “Elect Hillary’s Husband in ’92” button*, and I’ll be convinced I slipped through a small, unobtrusive rip in the space-time continuum while I wasn’t paying attention.


*Yes, I actually owned one of these. Still do, in fact. It’s in a box somewhere in the garage. I wore it everywhere that fall. EVERYWHERE. I’m even wearing it in my senior picture, which cracks me up harder every time I think about it.

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