Daybook for Sept. 19

Haven’t done one of these in a long time:

For today…

Outside my window… summer quietly giving way to autumn on a cool September evening.
I am thinking… about baseball and an old Paul Simon song and the cobalt shade of the sky this morning as I was walking across campus.
From the classroom… stress, anticipation, and an unexpected reunion with an old, old friend.
I am thankful for… two decades spent chasing stories.
From the kitchen… nothing tonight, but I’m thinking about chili tomorrow.
I am wearing… khakis and a Route 66 tiki shirt because I was too busy to change into jeans after school.
I am reading… The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman.
I am hoping… tomorrow’s journalism lesson goes well.
I am creating… a newsroom.
I am praying… to express the “unlabored motion of the divine energy” and the “vigor, freshness, and promise” of youth that carried me through the demands of a senior year that included projects very similar to those I have undertaken lately.
Around the house… a random assortment of small objects meant to remind me of New Mexico.
One of my favorite things… watching the dogs leap into the air to take the cookies Ron holds up for them.
few plans for the rest of the week… grading, planning, editing, and maybe an hour or two in a comfortable chair tucked into the corner of a coffeehouse somewhere.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

We watched this little bee work the sunflowers along 66 west of Glenrio during our trip to New Mexico a couple of weeks ago.


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