I just remembered that I never got around to posting these photos I shot on my trip to visit my family in July. Oops. Better late than never, right?

The highlight of the trip was the day Mom and Dad rented a big van, loaded up all three of us kids and all the grandkids, and took us to St. Louis to have lunch at Union Station and play at the City Museum, which is basically what you’d get if I had an unlimited budget, a seven-story building, and altogether too much time on my hands.

Jamie and Hazel feed the fish in the koi pond at Union Station in St. Louis while my dad looks on.
The kids really enjoyed feeding the fish.
I have no idea how these fish are not morbidly obese.
Jamie and Ollie visit with the trained circus dogs at the City Museum.
Protip: The iPad cat video game app will keep a toddler busy for a good 20 minutes.
Hazel explores a playhouse at the City Museum.
Our friend Kayci and her son, Gruvis, met us at the museum.
Mom entertains Ollie while Grace and Kayci chat with Gruvis.
Dad inexplicably let this lady talk him into letting her paint his head.
Here's her glittery, fire-breathing handiwork.
Jamie totally dug the skate-free indoor skatepark.
Ollie thought it was hilarious when Geoff pushed his stroller over the ramps.
Watching a performance by a pack of trained dogs, Ollie squealed and clapped and waved. Somewhere, Mom has a picture of his namesake uncle at this age, reacting in precisely the same way to a herd of trained elephants at a circus.
I'm totally making one of these for the kitchen.
I keep saying this, but one day, I really WILL cover my ceiling with chicken wire and strips of shredded fabric.
When I get around to redoing the bathroom, I am stealing this idea.
This is the roof of the City Museum. Love the giant praying mantis.
I have GOT to make one of these for my classroom ... except I think it's going to have the quadratic formula or something on it instead of "art city."
I want a giant turtle like this in my living room.

Hope your summer was full of love and inspiration.


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