Retail therapy

You know that unless it involves hardware or farm supplies, I’m not usually a big shopper, but after spending the better end of a week cleaning the house and moving furniture around so I could steam the carpets, I decided it was time to spoil myself a little bit, so I headed out to a mom-and-pop shoe store to see if they had any Earth Shoes. When I got there, they had a sign on the door that said something like, “Be back in five minutes — sorry for the inconvenience,” so I decided to kill five minutes by wandering into ding-bats, which is in the same block and specializes in ridiculously cute children’s merchandise.

I was powerless to resist:

This is supposed to be a little kid’s backpack, but I decided it would make an awfully cute purse for a beekeeper. It’s the perfect size to carry my iPad and a few other odds and ends. It’s the cutest product I’ve seen in a long time….