This one’s for the girls

De nada, ladies. De nada.

Pitcher Phillippe Aumont.

Centerfielder Rich Thompson.

Third baseman Tagg Bozied.

Catcher and 2011 IL All-Star Erik Kratz.

Pregame broadcast being filmed, guys milling around dugout, fans tossing balls down for autographs, spectators settling in … gotta love the energy in a ballpark just before game time.

Game face. I think this may be the most intimidating thing I have ever seen — possibly because it’s the exact same look my dad gave me when I brought home that craptastic trig grade in 1992. (Technically, I think I am still grounded for that….)

Bottom of the ninth, one out, and the sky suddenly opens up and pours …

… and pours …

… but the clouds eventually pass, and the grounds crew puts the field to rights so the guys can finish the game. Meanwhile, the rain delay gave me time to visit the souvenir shop and beef up my baseball card collection. You cannot begin to imagine the number of Ryno cards that have been manufactured. Crazy. Then again, speaking as a photographer and designer …

… I suppose I can see how a highly photogenic Hall of Famer might inspire more than his fair share of ephemera. 😉