Deco and giants

Day Four of our journey took us along the Lincoln Highway to Hellam before we veered off the old road to pay a visit to Cooperstown, N.Y. Highlights:

Bedford, Pa., has two of the best-known attractions on the road. The first, as you approach from the west, is the World’s Largest Coffee Pot.

The second is Dunkle’s Gulf, a full-service, gloriously Deco service station still operating in the middle of town. The Dreamcar got the royal treatment here:

Weirdly, I had an intuition that the gas from this place would give us the best mileage of our trip. It actually set a record for the Dreamcar: 44.02 mpg. No kidding. We got all the way from Bedford, Pa., to Oneonta, N.Y., on one tank. It was awesome.

We stopped for brunch at the Molly Pitcher Waffle Shop in Chambersburg, where I tried chicken and gravy over waffles for the first time. Yowza. Just … yowza. Behold:

Another much-anticipated LH stop was the Shoe House near Hellam, just east of York:

We stopped for dinner at Brooks’ House of BBQ in Oneonta, N.Y., which lured us in with its terrific signage and great review from Road Food:

I’m not usually a fan of barbecued chicken, but Brooks’ version is incredible.

We capped the day with a short drive to Cooperstown, where we checked into our motel, explored downtown a little bit, and made plans to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame the next morning.

Next: Baseball. Lots and lots of baseball.


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