Amarillo this morning

We went to the International Route 66 Festival in Amarillo this weekend. We left Texas this morning and just got home a couple of hours ago. Here are a few of the visual highlights from the trip:

Cowboy Motel sign on Amarillo Boulevard, a.k.a. Route 66.
Totally planning to eat here next time we're in town.
Not on 66, but south of Amarillo on Sundown Lane: The strange Ozymandias sculpture, a replica of ancient ruins described in a poem by Shelley. The faux ruins are accompanied by a faux historical marker. Both were commissioned by Stanley Marsh 3, better known as the man responsible for Cadillac Ranch.
The old Roadrunner Drive-In building in Vega has a new roof and fresh paint.
The Roadrunner sign. Love the lettering.
A sparrow rests on the steering wheel of an abandoned vehicle in Conway.
Restored Phillips 66 station in McLean.
Angry Birds: We annoyed a ginormous flock of barn swallows by driving under the overpass where they were nesting on 66 in western Oklahoma.
I've never seen so many nests in one place.
There were actually four times this many.
Lucille's on Route 66 west of Hydro.
Some friendly Californians drew peace signs on the Dreamcar at a truck stop in San Jon, N.M.
We made a sad discovery on our journey home. This pretty little station on 66 west of El Reno, pictured above in 2009 ...
... sustained a direct hit from a recent tornado. This breaks my heart.

Despite ending on a sad note, the weekend was very good. We went to the E-group breakfast, which is sort of like a family reunion for roadies; participated in the preservation project at the Triangle Motel (where I got very dirty, a little sore, and a little sunburned); went shopping and visited the authors’ and artists’ exhibits on Sixth Street in Amarillo; cruised over to New Mexico; had pie at the MidPoint Cafe; discovered a great taqueria on Amarillo Boulevard; had some good New Mexico beef jerky; went to the awards banquet; and even found time to do a little geocaching along the way.

Hope your weekend was good, wherever you were.