It was the third of June … in 1977

It was the third of June … on that summer’s day … when Neil Diamond was apparently censored by a hypercautious television producer who didn’t approve of cougars. (The original lyric was, “I became a man at the hands of a girl almost twice my age.” Upon hearing that line in concert about 10 years ago, my sister — who is, for the record, a world-class wiseass — leaned over to me and said, “Who was the girl? Jessica Tandy?”)

Last time I heard the song in concert, Mr. Diamond had altered the lyric to say, “a girl almost half my age.” I’m not sure I consider this an improvement — the song is obviously being sung from the point of view of a man reminiscing about the past, so unless it’s supposed to be about Steve Carell’s character from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, that “half my age” thing seems a little disturbing — but I guess at some point, you get tired of hearing snide comments from mean little wenches who actually are almost half your age….

In any case, it’s a pretty great song, and I’m digging the vintage footage of my all-time favorite singer.