Folk Thursday: Baez honors Seeger

Love this song. I’ve probably already posted somebody singing it somewhere on some other Folk Thursday in the past, but I like this version.

I really want to post something from my classroom, but I have to wait until next week. My fourth hour Pre-AP English II class has a really quirky combination of personalities. The kids are really bright, and as a group, they remind me of the kids I knew from SIUC’s Challenge to Excellence program (affectionately referred to by alumni as “nerd camp”) … so as soon as our high-stakes tests were behind us, I decided to do something completely self-indulgent: I let my inner 13-year-old nerd camper out of the little mental closet where I store fond memories and gave her the run of my classroom during fourth hour.

In case you are wondering, my 13-year-old self teaches considerably better than my grownup self. I’m totally stealing her ideas and using them next year.

She also writes better finals than I do — especially when she’s got a roomful of like-minded partners in crime who see no reason for anything, including a final exam, to be any more serious than it absolutely has to be — so fourth hour’s final is basically a long Douglas Adams joke with a couple of literary terms, a few urban legends, and a handful of pop-culture references thrown in.

I can’t share it with you right now, lest I spoil the surprise for the kids … but as soon as finals are over next week, I’ll post it for your amusement.