It’s been a pretty productive weekend. Ron and I spent Saturday morning out at the Blue Whale, helping the Fins get ready for the big Blue Tie Affair, which is scheduled for this Thursday evening.

Other highlights:

* Got the first copy of this year’s Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide in the mail Friday. It looks pretty good, washed-out color on the cover notwithstanding.

* Chased Songdog all over the neighborhood Saturday afternoon after he bolted out the front door (which apparently didn’t latch properly behind Ron) and decided to take himself for a walk.

* Responded to Song’s obnoxious behavior by taking him to the dog park and marching him around the outside of the fence while Riggy went in to play with the other dogs. I made Song work off-leash for 15 or 20 minutes while I subjected him to every kind of distraction and stress I could come up with: walking at heel while I changed directions as erratically as possible; walking at heel over a pile of debris; sitting and staying while I walked around him, stood in his kill zone, stepped over him, etc.; sitting just outside the gate while I went inside without him; and sitting quietly while a much larger dog sniffed him. He really needed the lesson, because he’s terrible about ignoring us and bolting when he’s excited. I think one of my summer projects is going to involve getting both of our dogs ready to take the Canine Good Citizen test.

* Spent part of Sunday afternoon touring the Campbell Hotel on Route 66, which is undergoing renovations and was open to the public this weekend for the Designer Showcase, which is a fundraiser for the Foundation for Tulsa Schools.

Here are some photos from Saturday’s Blue Whale work session:

Properties Plus, a local real-estate company, brought a very large, enthusiastic work crew out to clear brush around the pond. They did a great job.

One of my students and her friend came out and helped pull weeds in an area that will eventually be a flowerbed. They had fun touring the property and climbing around on the whale while they were out there.

Love the cell phone.

Hope your weekend was good, wherever you are.