Spring break on Route 66

I spent three days of my spring break on Route 66. Here are a few highlights from my trip:

1. The Motel Safari. (WARNING: Music on Web site starts automatically.) I usually stay at the Blue Swallow, but this time around, I paid a visit to our friends Richard and Gail at the Safari instead. If I weren’t so madly in love with the Swallow’s spectacular neon, the Safari might well supplant it as my favorite Route 66 motel; it’s just as clean, just as comfortable, and you know a girl who decorated her living room with Danish modern tables and a knockoff of an Eero Aarnio ball chair has to love a Googie building full of mid-century furniture. Very cool.

2. Tee Pee Curios. Poignant moment: Mike told me that when I pulled up in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar, Betty said, “Bob Waldmire‘s got nothing on Emily.” As regular readers of this blog already know, the Dreamcar is a tribute to Bob. It doesn’t look anything like Bob’s VW, but it’s meant to evoke the same artsy-hippie spirit, and to have one of his dearest friends recognize his influence was a kind of confirmation that I’d gotten it right.

Incidentally, Mike told me that most of Bob’s dashboard tchotchkes came from the Tee Pee. I added some new acquisitions to my own collection while I was there:

Guatemalan trouble dolls. As long as I don’t have more than 30 troubles at once, the Dreamcar should be a stress-free zone. 🙂

Mike gave me four metal Route 66 tags to decorate the car. Unfortunately, I ran out of superglue before I finished installing them.

3. Progress at the Bent Door in Adrian, Texas: The owners have put in old gas pumps and an old-fashioned mileage sign.

4. Big changes at the Vega Motel in Vega, Texas. The motel has been dormant since it closed several years ago. Last year, new owners bought the property and have begun a nice adaptive reuse project. The office is now an excellent drive-through coffeehouse; next door, in the old living quarters, a hair salon and boutique have set up shop, and another unit houses a barbershop.

Andrew, the coffeehouse owner, is very cool. We wound up putting together a geocache to draw a few travelers onto the property. He was amused to learn that I was responsible for the paint job on the sign, which has held up pretty nicely over the past seven and a half years, all things considered:

I bought a new purse and a cleverly designed car air freshener in a little tin from the boutique. If you happen to be out that direction, buy a cup of Andrew’s coffee and visit the girls at Crazy Horse. They’ve got all kinds of cute things for sale at reasonable prices. Here are a few samples:

5. On St. Patrick’s Day, I got to be in the most appropriate of all spots on Route 66: under the canopy at the U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas.

Hope your week was full of fun and adventures, wherever you were.