Surfacing for a moment

Sorry for the extended silence. Here are my excuses:

Monday: Baseball game, followed by a meeting at church.
Tuesday: Kempo and lesson plan revision.
Wednesday: School. I spent most of the evening writing a math test.
Thursday: School, part deux. I spent most of the evening holed up at Kaffe Bona, grading papers and recording them.
Friday: Baseball game, followed by my annual descent into the pits of hell, a.k.a. laying out the Trip Guide. This round actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. I pulled an all-nighter and got the first draft done in 9.5 hours, which I think shaved about three hours off my old record.
Saturday: Breakfast, feed store run, brief visit to the Blue Whale to make my excuses (the Fins were holding a workday out there, but we all decided it was not in anyone’s best interest for me to be handling heavy objects or wielding power tools in my present condition), and an extremely surreal trip to the craft store. Somewhere around the 38-hour mark, my lack of sleep started to catch up to me, and the bizarre internal monologue that runs more or less constantly in my head when I am in a building full of shiny objects suddenly became a rapid-fire external monologue, which Ron assures me was hilarious. I finally crashed sometime around 5 p.m.
Sunday: Church, nap, Trip Guide edits, taqueria run to ward off the icky dampness of a cold, rainy evening.
Today: Kempo, lunch at Evelyn’s, laundry, Trip Guide edits, and a batch of whoopie pies to celebrate Pi Day.

I’m heading out to Tucumcari tomorrow for a much-needed vacation.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a hilarious Ryne Sandberg card in a multipack of old baseball cards I bought tonight at Target. It’s a 1988 Topps card featuring Ryno with an extremely unfortunate mustache of the sort you probably should not attempt unless it is 1978 and your name is either Ron Jeremy or Freddie Mercury. (I am sorry to report that the card I got this evening was NOT the one featuring Sandberg posing with a rhinoceros and an Indiana Jones hat. It’s the one to the right of it. But if I can find a Ryno-with-rhino card between now and June, you know it will certainly be going with me to Lehigh Valley for the pregame autograph session.)