A matter of perception

Conversation today in class:

KID: Ms. Priddy, I don’t mean to be mean, but you’ve got gray hair!
ME: I know, Sweetie. I’ve had it for a while. I just flipped my part to the other side to show it off a little better.
KID: Really? Why?
ME: I like my gray.
KID: (Incredulous) You do?
ME: (Laughing) Yes! I’ve wanted white hair since I was your age.

Sometimes I forget how odd I truly am. My kids can’t figure me out … which is fine with me. It’s good to keep them guessing. My math students are convinced I’m totally subversive because I teach half my lessons at the center table, with toys spread out all over and a dry-erase marker in my hand to write notes on the top of the table when I need to clarify something. I have no idea why it delights them so much to see me scrawl notes across the formica. Maybe I should give all the kids dry-erase markers so they can write on their desks.

As I think about it, that may be the best idea I’ve had in a while. My English students could close out every lesson by writing a one-sentence summary of the lesson on top of their desks. I can just imagine the looks on the consultants’ faces if we took their much-vaunted “exit ticket” idea and kicked it up a notch.

Too bad dry-erase markers are so bloody expensive….