Pet peeve

I’ve been hearing a lot of discussions lately about what could be done to make Tulsa a better city.

As this is more or less a local-interest blog, I’d like to put one of my ideas out there and see where it goes.

I think we could make Tulsa a better city if we rounded up all of the insufferable, whiny, self-indulgent hipsters who make a habit out of running down the community where they live and shipped them to New York or L.A. or somewhere else that’s likely to be more patient with their nonsense. (Better yet, ship ’em to Chicago. I’d love to see what would happen if they started slagging that city to one of its residents.)

Seriously: I am sick to death of this ludicrous notion that Tulsa would suddenly become the Magic Kingdom, with a soaring economy, a zero-percent unemployment rate, and choirs of angels floating above its gold-paved streets, if only we could provide more entertainment for unmarried twentysomethings.

Let me get this straight: The solution to all of Tulsa’s problems lies in attracting people who are either too lazy to bookmark Tasha Does Tulsa, too illiterate to glance at Urban Tulsa Weekly’s calendar of events, or too socially inept to strike up a conversation with a stranger without the assistance of several overpriced cocktails?

Forgive my skepticism.

There’s no question that Tulsa benefits when bright, creative, energetic young professionals move into town. What community doesn’t? But in a vibrant city full of restaurants, nightclubs, museums, coffeehouses, live music venues, professional sports teams, festivals, conventions, parks, college campuses, special-interest clubs, and dazzling Art Deco architecture, a bright, creative, energetic individual ought to be able to find something to do.

Those who can’t probably won’t be missed much.



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