Welcome to Red Fork.

View from my front porch two days ago. Ron has since excavated the driveway. Roads are passable. Ish. Not good, but we managed to get to Sapulpa to pick up chicken feed this afternoon.

If you are traveling in eastern Oklahoma today, I’d recommend 66 over the turnpike. The state has done a pretty decent job of clearing the interstate, but the condition of the exit ramps ranges from questionable to abysmal — a situation compounded by the number of abandoned vehicles blocking the path so the snowplows can’t get through. The old road is rougher overall, but you don’t have to negotiate an obstacle course to get on and off of it, and the drivers are generally more cautious (although we saw a couple of notable exceptions among people who had lost their nerve and decided to make ill-advised last-minute U-turns).

On a related note: I bet the roads would be a lot safer if 4WD vehicles came with a temperature-sensitive governor that made it impossible to drive them at speeds above 25 mph on icy roads. After all these years, people still haven’t figured out that the laws of physics apply to SUVs. (Interestingly, Jeep Wrangler owners seem to be exempt from this phenomenon. I assume this is because Wrangler drivers are more inclined to go off-roading on weekends and thus have a better understanding of the capacities and limitations of their vehicles.)



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