Finally done

At long last, here is my finished kitchen:

We won’t talk about the condition of these cabinets. The paint freshened them up a bit, but they are in sad, sad shape. I’m glad I took on this project, because otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have noticed an impending disaster until it was too late: The top shelf in one of my cabinets — where I was storing all of my china, right above the shelf where I store all my glassware — has a foot-long crack in it that’s so wide you can see daylight through it. I shudder to think about how much damage that would have done if I hadn’t caught it in time to take all the heavy stuff off the shelf, which I plan to replace next weekend.

Detail shots of the cabinet doors are below the fold.

Two of our favorite St. Louis haunts — the City Museum, with its sea serpent fence, and Venice Cafe, with its crazy mosaic-covered patio — grace the upper cabinet doors to the left of the stove.

The lower cabinet doors feature idealized views of our backyard: the wisteria climbing our pergola last spring, and the dragon mud sculpture/topiary thing currently under construction next to the garden gate.

To the right of the stove, chalkboard paint provides a handy place for grownups to jot grocery lists and whatnot on the upper cabinets, while the lower cabinets are at just the right level for visiting rugrats to decorate.

The weird little long, shallow cabinet above the stove echoes my Pfaltzgraff pattern.

I think you’ve seen these last seven before, because they were the first ones I finished, but in case you missed the earlier posts, here they are. Top to bottom: The mermaid and the Green Man/Bacchus face from the Secret Garden in Makanda, Ill., appear on the upper cabinets to the left of the sink. Below the sink, a lawn gnome hangs out with a bunny in the Shawnee National Forest, Larry Baggett’s self-portrait statue greets visitors at his Trail of Tears monument on Route 66 near Jerome, Mo., and the “Kickapoo Wishing You Well” offers Baggett’s visitors a place to make a wish. The upper cabinets to the right of the sink feature stylized views of our bee yard and my in-laws’ backyard. I’m not wild about the way those images turned out, but they’ll do for now.

Hope your weekend was productive and creative.


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