Those winter Sundays

Bonus points if you recognize the literary reference in the title of this post.

I don’t have anything really thrilling to report today. I went to church this morning, warmed up some homemade potato soup for lunch, spent part of the afternoon organizing the kids’ finals over decaf cappuccino at Starbucks, made a sugar-free cheesecake this evening, and knocked out next week’s lesson plans just a few minutes ago.

I’m planning to go to bed before midnight tonight so I can get up good and early tomorrow and try to remember how to dress like a girl. :/

The kids have finals this week. I’m looking forward to putting this semester behind me so we can start my awesome activism unit next week. I am SOOOOOOOO amped about that. I love teaching the kids how to change the world … and in light of the news out of Arizona this week, the world could desperately use my kids’ positive influence right about now. They may be noisy and goofy and obnoxious some of the time, but when push comes to shove, my kids are incredibly compassionate, and I think most of them have got more sense than a lot of their elders.


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