Cabinets, Phase Umpteen

Today was moderately productive. I slept in late — which I needed — and then joined Ron for a trip to the feed store, followed by several other errands.

The brass is coming through Monday, so Swayze asked everybody to look as professional as possible. This is code. It means “heels and makeup.”

I own exactly one pair of dress shoes, and they are platform sandals that I am pretty sure won’t work in 16-degree weather with an inch of snow on the ground, which is what we’re looking at this week, so I had to go shoe shopping. Most women love shoe shopping. I don’t. I hate it only slightly less than makeup shopping, which I also had to do today. 😐

I shouldn’t complain. I really don’t mind going that small extra step to make Swayze look good to his boss, because he is always going out of his way for me. We have kind of an unspoken agreement: He lets me do whatever I want in my classroom, and in exchange, I make sure my completely unorthodox classroom is the one place he can always count on to provide a good floor show for whatever administrator, politician, consultant, evaluator, or journalist happens to wander in at a moment’s notice.

While Ron and I were out running errands today, I picked up some brush-on chalkboard paint to use on some of the cabinet doors. I’m putting it on two upper cabinets next to the stove so we can make kind of a running grocery list, and I’m putting it on two lower cabinets so young friends-and-relations can draw on them when they come to visit. I’d be half-tempted to put it on all the cabinets on that side of the room, except I have a few more pretties I want to paint….


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