More cabinet doors

I finished all the cabinet doors on the north wall. Now I just have to paint the nine (!) doors on the south wall, and I’ll be done with this project. (Guess what I’m doing Friday night?)

Here’s my latest handiwork:

I’d originally meant for this to be a picture of light filtering through dense trees in the Shawnee National Forest, but what looks good as a photograph and what looks good as a cartoonish painting on a cabinet door are two different things, so I finally gave up and stuck a lawn gnome in the foreground. I was planning to paint at least one gnome in my two-dimensional “garden” on the cabinets anyway, so that worked out fine.

No, that’s not a painting of an extremely pale man. It’s a painting of the plaster statue that sits next to the entrance to the late Larry Baggett’s Trail of Tears monument on Route 66 near Jerome, Mo. The drawing is a little out of proportion because the statue itself is a little out of proportion. I’m always tempted to idealize things when I paint them, but when you’re painting a picture of folk art, it just doesn’t seem right to take that sort of liberty, y’know?

This is Larry’s “Kickapoo Wishing You Well,” a functional well that sits next to a stream of water that flows along one side of the property. I really love all the little stone walls and planters and odd little structures he built all over the grounds. Larry’s garden is a longtime favorite of ours.

On a totally unrelated note, I got an awesome pack of baseball cards tonight. It was one of those big 100-card packs that’s got every imaginable brand and type of baseball card manufactured in the past 30 years. Sometimes you end up with 100 people you never heard of, but there are usually at least a few Hall of Famers in there. Tonight, I hit the mother lode: two Ryne Sandbergs, a Jackie Robinson, and two Ozzie Smiths.

I keep hoping I’ll find a Marlon Byrd card in a pack somewhere, but no luck yet. I really enjoyed watching Byrd play in the All-Star Game last summer. It was really cute to watch him and the pitcher grin at each other like they were having the time of their lives.