I was making a Braum’s run tonight to get bleu cheese to garnish the giant bowl of pesto linguine I’d made for dinner when I glanced up and noticed this utterly spectacular sunset behind the bare trees in a neighbor’s yard.

I ran back inside the house, grabbed my camera, and shot the sunset before remembering that I’d been meaning to photograph the Christmas lights in downtown Red Fork at dusk, and I just hadn’t had a hand free to do it this week. With the camera already in my hand, I didn’t have much excuse to procrastinate, so I made a five-minute detour before finishing my errand:

Check out the new header to see the rest of the lights. I think the side trip was definitely worth the extra five minutes.

Dinner was pretty spectacular, too:

If anybody’s interested, I’ll post the recipe later.

I think I’m going to make myself a cappuccino and curl up with a magazine this evening. Hope your weekend is off to a good start, wherever you are.