Indoor gardening

During my extended creative outburst this past weekend, I built a shelf to hold a planter on the kitchen windowsill. It’s not fancy, but it gave me an excuse to use power tools and play in the dirt, which is all it really needed to do.

I planted rosemary and basil in there, and I’ve got some flat-leaf parsley, sage, and cilantro seeds to plant when I get a hand free. As soon as the basil gets a little bigger, I’m going to make a batch of homemade pesto.

On a completely unrelated note, I had an awesome kempo lesson this evening. I’ve finally gotten the hang of rotating my hips into my snap punch, which has really increased my power, and my backfist sounded as solid as some of the upper belts’ when it hit the pad tonight. The last two or three lessons have been really good. It’s taken the better end of a year, but I think I’ve finally broken some of my old habits and started to get the hang of kempo strikes, which are very different from anything I’ve learned in the past.

Hope your day was good. Tomorrow and Thursday should be long but good, as I’m doing two consecutive homework nights to help some of my kids shore up their grades.


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