Busy weekend

Wow. What a weekend. Since Thursday night, I have recorded myself reading seven children’s books for the munchkins in my family; made two batches of truffles; taken photographs all over Tulsa; gone to the Blue Whale twice (once so Ron could photograph Santa’s arrival for his blog, and once to deliver some Blue Whale Christmas cards for the volunteers to sell as a fundraiser); glued a miniature plastic sushi playset to my dashboard; built a shelf to hold a planter on my kitchen windowsill so I can grow culinary herbs above the sink; painted a lawn gnome in psychedelic colors; gone shopping at Grumpy’s Garden; designed a set of erasable number lines for my Algebra I kids to use for graphing inequalities; and designed a set of robot-shaped mini-chalkboards for the kids to use for showing me the answers to in-class problems.

Here’s my awesome dashboard:

If I hadn’t stuck that rose rock to the dashboard, it probably would have become part of an assemblage involving a sheela-na-gig.

Shiny objects — yay! The stars glow in the dark, in case you were wondering.

The usual suspects. Please note the tiny plastic chopsticks in the Pizza Planet alien’s left hand.

Wider shot of the usual suspects.

The left side of the dashboard. The Care Bear and shiny stone came from geocaches. The roadrunner is from Tee Pee Curios in Tucumcari, and the gecko is from Kix on 66 in Tucumcari.

The lizard came from a geocache. The roadrunner came from Seaba Station. The frog came from the dollar store.

The little Lego robot was lying on the ground on the patio at Coach’s — the restaurant that overlooks the field where the Redhawks play in OKC — while Ron and I were watching Ryne Sandberg throw batting practice for the I-Cubs last summer. He gets more sushi than the rattlesnake because he has sentimental value.

TravelOK is selling charms to promote Oklahoma tourist attractions — including the Blue Whale, which of course I had to have.

How awesome is it that the miniature sushi playset came with both a set of miniature plastic chopsticks and a miniature spork?

Hope your weekend was as fun and productive as mine.


2 thoughts on “Busy weekend”

  1. I sure hope you don’t have the airbag portals covered with junk. Glue or no, they could become lethal weapons in a wreck if the bags deploy.

    1. I’m eleven months ahead of you, Mom. Knowing that modern cars pose a number of challenges that Bob never had to deal with on his Westfalia, I had a conversation with the guys at the Honda dealership before I attached a single object to any part of the car. All the airbags are behind panels that have labels on them that say “airbag” and are made of a different type of plastic than the rest of the interior. The only things covering the airbag portals are two-dimensional doodles rendered in paintmarker. The necessity of working around the side-curtain airbags was the chief difficulty in hanging the curtains in the back (which have since worked loose and fallen down; repairs are on the to-do list for Christmas break).

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