Santa visits the Blue Whale

Ron and I went out to the Blue Whale this afternoon to witness Santa’s arrival and see what the concession stand had to offer. Here are some of the highlights from the afternoon’s adventures:

Sleigh? In Oklahoma? No, thanks. Santa needs four-wheel drive and a little more towing capacity.

Santa’s stepdaughter helps him with his hat.

They set him up with the whale smiling in the background. Very cute.

Santa hears a youngster’s requests.

The little one wasn’t too sure about getting that close to a stranger.

A wider shot of the scene.

Cheerful volunteers sold hot chocolate, whale-shaped cookies, and Blue Whale Christmas ornaments from the concession stand.

Here’s one of the ornaments. Proceeds from the sale of the ornaments go toward preservation and maintenance of the Blue Whale.

The good folks down at Molly’s Landing donated the use of their kitchen for a cookie-baking project. Aren’t these cute?

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, wherever you are.