Pure genius.

Tally’s Cafe serves some of the best chicken-fried steak on Route 66.

If you ask nicely, the waitresses at Tally’s Cafe will bring you a bowl of cream gravy to go with your fries.

The owner of Tally’s Cafe also owns the 24-hour gym across the street.

Clearly, this man is a genius. (And yes, I rewarded his brilliance this evening by joining his gym, where I put in three miles on a treadmill at an 11:00 average pace.)


Weekly Lit Meme: Setting

This week’s meme:

If you could travel to any five literary locations — real or fictional — where would they be, and why?

Here are mine:

5. Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi. Based in large part on Oxford and the surrounding areas, Faulkner’s fictional world has been my second home since Dr. Howell assigned Light in August in his novel class my sophomore year of college.

4. The Phantom’s lair. Seven levels below the Paris Opera House, hidden from the rest of the world, singing scales with the most amazing voice teacher in all of literature? Yes, please!

3. Where the Wild Things Are. Let the wild rumpus start!

2. The Street of the Lifted Lorax. I used to beg my parents to take me for walks when I was a kid. I never told them this, but I was always secretly hoping we’d walk far enough to find “the far end of town, where the grickle-grass grows.” I still want that truffula seed….

1. Klickitat Street. And I want to go stomping down the sidewalk on tin-can stilts with my little sister.

Where would you like to go? Post your five as a comment, or just borrow this meme for your own blog and link back here so I can see your trackback.