Folk Thursday: Vince Guaraldi

OK … this is totally not folk, but I heard an instrumental of it the other day in a store and immediately came home and downloaded the original.

It hadn’t occurred to me until very recently that this song is one of my earliest Christmas memories, though I never really think about it at any conscious level. Most years, I don’t even hear it. I can’t remember the last time I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and I hadn’t realized what a huge part of my holiday memories it was until I heard the song playing faintly in the background and instantly recalled an image of the Peanuts characters whirling on a frozen pond and the smell of a real Christmas tree somewhere in my distant past.

That little scrap of memory — simultaneously vague and vivid — was so powerful that I caught myself looking forward to Christmas for the first time in many years.

May this little clip conjure up fond memories for you, too.