There’s a light

Ron and I were on our way to dinner this evening when I noticed something beautiful: The historic 11th Street Cleaners sign has been restored.

I’ve always loved this little sign, which advertises one of the Mother Road’s most unusual businesses: a dry-cleaning service that also houses a dollhouse shop.

For many years, only the letters lit — often faintly — so it was a wonderful surprise tonight to drive by and see the neon arrows lit up and the rest of the sign glowing more brightly than usual.

I didn’t have a camera in the car, but a late-night photo excursion was my reward to myself for finishing up some grading I needed to do this evening. It’s been a long time since I ventured out late at night to do something completely unnecessary on Route 66. I’d forgotten how alive such excursions make me feel. It was a nice ending to a day that included flashes of brilliance from several of my sophomores (we did a Socratic seminar over Field of Dreams), a lovely sunset, and a rough-and-tumble kempo lesson that left me bruised but oddly invigorated.

Hope your day was full of exciting insights, unexpected beauty, and plenty of whatever energizes you, too.


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