Folk Friday: Lennon

This week’s Folk Thursday offering is a Google Doodle:

Let’s pretend that I delayed Folk Thursday on purpose so I could celebrate John Lennon’s birthday. (In point of fact, I missed Folk Thursday altogether because I was busy taking a nap, during which I dreamed that I was the world’s first female Cub, and I was being interviewed by Gloria Steinem, who was getting very frustrated with the fact that I kept answering her questions with references to sabermetrics instead of offering up politically charged quotes filled with feminist rhetoric that would sound good in a Ms. Magazine article. But that sounds kind of lame, so let’s just roll with the Lennon excuse, shall we?)

Here’s the full video for “Imagine”:

In other news, the area superintendent walked into my classroom this afternoon for no apparent reason, discovered that I was teaching the movie Field of Dreams as a literary text, and proceeded to give my kids a little lecture about how awesome I am. The kids, who had no clue that this was my boss’s boss, responded by telling him that I was their favorite English teacher EVER. Guess I should bake them some cookies this weekend, eh?


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