More sign photos

Doug supervises as McJerry and I start to loosen up the old paint from the sign.

This turned out to be a bigger job than we’d anticipated. Evidently the last person to work on this sign considered latex house paint an appropriate finish for a metal surface. (Can you hear me rolling my eyes?)

Fortunately, the Lincoln has new owners who are willing to put some time, money and effort into their property, so I think we’re going to be seeing great things out there in the very near future.

All done

We finished the Lincoln Motel project and had everything packed up and put away by 6:30 this evening. I have lessons to plan and papers to grade, so today’s batch of photos will have to wait until I get a hand free, but despite some unforeseen obstacles, we had a pretty good day.

I ended today with tired feet and a sunburn across my nose and cheeks, which is the mark of a weekend well spent. 🙂