Many apologies for utterly failing to keep up this blog. Work is eating my life. (Well, OK … work plus obsessively scouring various and sundry baseball Web sites for any scrap of information or unsubstantiated rumor that might suggest which way the wind is blowing in the front office at Wrigley.)

By way of catching up, let’s hit some highlights by category:

1. Baseball: This has to be the strangest season ever for me as a baseball fan. I know the Cubs have sucked all year, but with Quade auditioning for Piniella’s old job, now is not the time for them to right the ship. If they can keep stinking it up for a few more games, there will be one less contender for Sandberg to fend off. Meanwhile, if the I-Cubs win their division (which they are currently leading by a half-game) and kick some butt in the playoffs, that will pad Ryno’s resume and make it harder for Hendry to blow him off … and, of course, another World Series ring for the Yankees would keep Girardi in New York where he belongs, which means I have, in recent weeks, found myself uttering a most distasteful phrase: “Go, Yanks!” Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, Mama.

2. School: We finally got the End-of-Instruction test results back. I had a 79 percent pass rate, which means my kids not only made Adequate Yearly Progress under No Consultant Child Left Behind, but they met state standards. I’m hoping my Algebra I kids post similarly impressive results next spring. English II is fun, but I’m getting a little bored with it and wouldn’t mind switching to a full-time math gig.

3. Route 66: We went to the Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo last night in Vinita. It was pretty good, although I am pretty sure it sucks to be a calf. This time next week, I will be in Tucumcari. Do I need to tell you how happy that makes me? Two weeks from now, I will be standing on top of a scaffold, repainting the Lincoln Motel sign in Chandler.

Hope your weekend was good.