Highlights du jour

1. Teachers are not supposed to have favorite students … but when you’re a rookie algebra teacher who doesn’t have a class set of calculators yet, how can you not love a bright kid who shows up wearing a calculator watch like that one your mom wouldn’t buy you in the ’80s?

2. Speaking of algebra, I straight-up RAWKED today. I took a piece of information from a Target cup and asked the kids to come up with a math-related question about it, then explain the steps they would take to answer their questions. Some of the kids kind of locked up like they were totally freaked out by the prospect of having to create their own problems, but once a few of them gave examples, which we worked at the board, the others started to catch on. It was totally BITCHIN’.

3. Six of my seven classes now understand what “wax on, wax off” means. Most of them also understand analogy, conflict, and characterization. I love you, Pat Morita.

4. There is nothing better than having former students rush up and give you a hug while you’re pulling hall duty.

5. Except maybe having a former student ask you if you’ll help him start a campaign to get the government to cut the defense budget and use it to hire more teachers. Methinks that activism unit last spring created a monster!

6. Advisory period = awesome. Even if it ends up being a total waste of time, there is something to be said for letting a bunch of kids sit around and shoot the bull with a grownup for half an hour without having to worry about a grade.

7. Honors students are funny as hell. I knew that, but then I forgot.