Ups and downs

Today did not begin well, but it ended well.

I started my morning with the faculty meeting from hell: Two and a half hours’ worth of talking to explain about 15 minutes’ worth of information. Yecch.

After a rather disappointing lunch (Starbucks was out of scones, the pound cake tasted like lemon Pledge, and I burned my tongue on my cappuccino), I battled through midtown traffic and a thoroughly jacked-up construction zone to get to another meeting, where the presenter spent an hour and a half telling us that math is important (because a roomful of math teachers probably can’t figure that out on their own) and taking gratuitous swipes at math teachers who hold degrees in other subjects.

I would like the record to show that I did NOT stand up and say, “Listen, Bucko: I’ll see your integral of f(x) from negative one to eight and raise you an in-depth analysis of the tension surrounding issues of racial and sexual identity in Faulkner’s Light in August. Mad props to you for finding the limit of my patience with arrogant, overpaid Powerpoint jockeys as X approaches 4, given that X equals the end of my contractual obligations for today.”

That was big of me, don’t you think?

On the up side, Ron and I went to the Drillers game tonight and watched the guys beat the Midland Rockhounds 10-4. It was a pretty sweet performance that included two absolutely beautiful double plays and one of the most graceful slides I’ve ever seen.

My classroom still isn’t quite where I wanted it to be by this point in the year, but I think I’ll be more or less ready by the time class starts Monday. If a few minor details aren’t quite in place, I’ll improvise.