Hippie nerd

So a reporter from Channel 6 called me last week to schedule an interview about the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar.

As it turned out, the 45 minutes or so that I spent doing the interview was the only break I got from a calculus homework marathon that started at 8:30 this morning and ended about 15 minutes ago. “Ended” isn’t really the right word. I still have three problems left to work, and I have the feeling they’re going to be nasty. I spent five and a half hours in the math lab at TCC, and I’m guessing at least two hours of that was actual tutoring. (The rest was me frantically trying to get my homework done and desperately trying to figure out how to do things myself, which didn’t work all that well.)

I came home to find my inbox full of nice messages and Facebook friend requests from people who had seen the segment about my car on the 5 o’clock news this evening.

Fortunately, the segment is online, so I got to watch it a minute ago. I think it turned out pretty well. You can see it here. (I’m not sure whether that’s a permanent link or something that will disappear later, but the reporter, Rick Wells, told me the segments that appear on the Web site are all archived, so you should be able to find it later.)

I’m not sure what it says about me that I missed the segment on my hippiemobile because I am such a nerd that I spent the better end of 12 hours doing math today.

In case you are wondering, the calculus textbook will be coming with me when I go to Illinois this weekend. Maybe Daddy can help me with my homework.

I’m giving serious thought to cutting my losses and going to bed now. The left side of my brain is now ticked off at me for making it work overtime, and the right side of my brain isn’t speaking to me because I’ve been ignoring it all day.

Meanwhile, the entire rest of my body is grumbling about the fact that I’ve been forcing it to survive on a can of Slim-Fast, a small bowl of ice cream, and half a piece of garlic bread.

Maybe a dinner break will mollify everybody….



2 thoughts on “Hippie nerd”

  1. hey there, heard about the video clip about your art car and just watched it, pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to do something similar with mine for awhile too, it’s a 1999 toyota corolla. (wish I had a honda fit, love them!) I had found your blog awhile back and even have it saved on favorites and check it occassionally. I find it interesting that you live in red fork, i have family from all over the west side and hated to see the decline of the area. I’m a retired teacher, we sold our house and got rid of most of our belongings. We travel when we aren’t home helping family out (now we are) in a van and/or a casita (small fiberglass rv). When we are home we live various places around downtown tulsa or with family. I have started a travel/home business called “hippie chick creations” and get booths at art/craft fairs and folk festivals. It’s going great, I make lots of “tied” stuff(jewelry ect.) , decopogue, wire, headbands, tons of really cool, unique, one of a kind stuff. Next event is the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in Okemah, OK, hoping to do really good there. Good luck with the calculus!

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