We can work it out

For reasons which sounded better inside an air-conditioned building than they did on the River Parks trail this afternoon, I promised my friend Jackie that I would help her train for the Route 66 Marathon.

She seems to think that I am a serious runner, which I probably was a few years ago. (Now? Um, yeah. Hey, while you’re up, would you mind handing me that box of Twinkies? Yeaaaah. That’d be greeeeeat. Thanks.)

Anyway, I don’t want to disappoint her, so after she sent me a text this morning to report that she had just finished the three miles I put on her training schedule for today, I promised her I’d go for a run after my kempo lesson this afternoon. I was only planning on three miles, but I wound up putting in five just because I hadn’t been to River Parks in a while and wanted to take the time to enjoy it.

I think Jackie is going to be really fun to train. She is a professional counselor and a strong Christian who enjoys looking at things from a spiritual perspective, so it wasn’t hard to convince her to throw away all the well-intentioned nonsense that people throw at runners about muscle soreness and injuries and The Wall and heart rate and diet and weekly mileage and all the other mental clutter that seems to distract so many people from the simple, pleasant task of placing one foot in front of the other.

To ensure that we keep our thought in the right place, I think I am going to start each of our runs with a Bible verse or an uplifting quotation that seems relevant to the task at hand. When I was training for my first marathon, I had an AOL blog where I would log each run, along with a useful quotation, and a lot of people said they read every new post just to see what uplifting thought I was sharing that day.

Maybe I should start doing that here. Let’s begin with an old favorite from Mrs. Eddy:

We are all capable of more than we do.

— Mary Baker Eddy

Stay tuned. I’ve got another run on the schedule for tomorrow.

— Emily


3 thoughts on “We can work it out”

  1. Wonderful blog Ms. Priddy! I am cracking up as I re-read it for the second time. I guess you figured- “this girl is really gonna do this” (ummm-yup, inspired by my previous attempts to meet and run with you). You have shown me how important it is to “think outside of the box” and create my own opinion as it relates to health, wellness, and what to expect as a result of natural laws that we put in practice (if that makes sense). As I was reading your blog, all of a sudden my “posture” straightened right up. It is amazing what words of encouragement can give in simple yet extraordinary moments as these- moments of reflection and expression on memories we create as we help others. I am reminded, through reading your blog, of Proverbs 23:7, which says: “For as a man thinks in is heart, so is he.” I hear you expressing those very words every time we talk and it is very up lifting. I look forward to running with you and to making you laugh your socks off. I will try to keep my “lamentations” packed away…LOL!!!

    Most Sincerely,


    Let the journey begin!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Jackie. Of course, you’re already one training run ahead of me … but only because I went hiking for an hour today in search of a hard-to-reach geocache (which might have been easier to reach had I approached it from the other direction) and then spent another 45 minutes at a pretty fast-paced kempo lesson and decided that was probably enough cardio for one afternoon. 🙂

    I’ll probably make up the miles Saturday morning. Tomorrow night, we’re staying at a motel located directly on my favorite half-marathon course, so I really don’t have any excuse not to get up very early Saturday and spend a couple of hours enjoying the scenery before the festival starts….

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