Daybook for June 11

For today…

Outside my window… birds talking to each other in the trees.
I am thinking… about whether I have time to buy a black T-shirt before my kempo lesson this afternoon so I don’t have to wear my gi top.
From the classroom… boatloads of calculus homework.
I am thankful for… my dogs.
From the kitchen… a can of Slim-Fast and a bottle of water.
I am wearing… gi bottoms, sneakers, and a Drillers T-shirt.
I am reading… my calculus textbook.
I am hoping… that I can remember all the things I learned this week for my test on Tuesday.
I am creating… PDFs of Trip Guide pages for Drew to post on the Oklahoma Route 66 Association Web site.
I am praying… to express more grace and strength.
Around the house… a cluttered living room.
One of my favorite things… pina colada snow cones.
A few plans for the rest of the week… kempo, sushi, calculus, and a Reading Room shift.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

This is my dragon-in-progress. The seeds I planted are already starting to sprout, so he should have a leafy green head made of bean and cucumber vines within a couple of weeks.



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