Mother Roading

I took some more pictures of Bobby McGee while we were out exploring older alignments of 66 yesterday.

This is the Pryor Creek Bridge in Chelsea. It dates to 1926. It’s hard to believe such a quiet, picturesque location was once one of the busiest highways in the country.

I’m not sure how we overlooked this piece of history on our previous trips through Foyil. It’s on Andy Payne Boulevard — the older alignment of Route 66 through the famous distance runner’s hometown — and obviously dates to the road’s early days. I think I’m going to do a little research and see what I can find out about the property, because it’s a beautiful old station. I thought it made a nice backdrop for the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar, too.

I need to pick up a photo album and start making some prints, because I want to put together a scrapbook showing all the places my car has been on Route 66 since I hippied it up. I think that would be a cool thing to have available for people to look at when I take it to car shows.