Snow day

We officially exceeded our yearly allotment of snow days today. Were it actually snowing, I would be willing to believe that this might finally be my Cubbies’ year, but they are still five games out of first place (and, coincidentally, five games under .500), and the reason for the snow day has nothing to do with snow and everything to do with power outages all over town as a result of some storms that passed through Tulsa last night.

I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in until 10:30; fought with the printer over some nonsense involving the Trip Guide; went to lunch with Ron; swung by school to see the extent of the damage (our building is fine, but my abysmally slow and hopelessly unreliable classroom computer appears to be fried, which I personally regard as irrefutable evidence of the existence of a merciful and loving God); cleaned the bathroom; called Zaphod to make arrangements for him to pick up something he’d asked me to keep for him; and cruised 66 to Stroud to make sure nothing historically significant had been damaged in the storm. (All was well on that front.)

I think Walter spent most of the day chattering at a mockingbird that was flitting back and forth between the porch roof and the pine tree in the front yard.

I probably should have cleaned the house, but I just couldn’t muster the energy to tackle a job that big. An entire school year’s worth of detritus is a bit much to sift through in a single afternoon.

— Emily