Weekend cruise

We spent a little time exploring old alignments of Route 66 — some familiar, and some not so familiar — this weekend. Here are a few images from our adventures:

Can you identify all three of the above locations? All are on old, lesser-known alignments of Route 66 between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

While we were out running around, we stopped for a snack at the Early Bird Cafe — a new business located in an old Texaco station in Davenport. It was very cool.

The owners are from Ecuador, but they took a 16-year detour to Connecticut before coming to Davenport last year. Here, their little boy helps decorate the back of my car.

Here is his artwork:

Spongebob, of course. Kind of a cubist representation. I like it. Too bad the rain washed it off a few hours later. Such are the perils of the medium….

Hope your weekend was good. I didn’t blog as much here as I would have liked, partly because I was busy running around, and partly because I was working on another blog. Things are starting to get interesting over in Coldwater. Click over for a visit if you feel like spending a little time in New Mexico. If you haven’t been to the Tumbleweed in a while, I’d start with the April 29 entry and work your way forward. The May 2 entry may be the best thing I’ve ever written about this character….