It’s time.

Unless I want to sit out another fall marathon season, settling for 15Ks and half-marathons and PRs in the wrong direction, I am going to have to get off my butt and start running pretty soon.

I think I’ll put Riggy’s pinch collar on him and take him along. I haven’t gone jogging with a rat terrier at the other end of the leash since the evening I pushed Scout too hard right after she got her terrible diagnosis. I’ve been babying my dogs since then, and I think I’ve been babying myself.

Enough. I need a good run, and Riggy does, too. I think we’ll hit the River Parks trail in the morning. It’s good cross-training, anyway. Kempo is showing me just how far out of shape I really am, and I don’t like it. Time to quit making excuses and remember who I am.



2 thoughts on “It’s time.”

  1. I thought I blogged about it at the time, but maybe I didn’t; things have been so crazy this spring that I haven’t posted as much as usual. I started kempo classes with Professor Hargrave in … um … early March, I think. The style is different, but the style is very similar to the combat karate class I took in Illinois. (The rolls are much easier, however: They look more gymnastic but are actually a LOT easier to execute. I never did get the hang of putting enough Ki into that zempo kaiten….)

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