Having a Fit

I finished up Phase Umpteen of my car-improvement project after we got back from the Drillers game this evening. Here are the results:

The quotation is from a Richard Bach novel. It says: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” I will probably paint either a seagull in flight or a single blue feather floating in space below the words. I’m leaning toward blue feather, since the line is from Illusions rather than Jonathan Livingston Seagull, but we’ll see.

The chalkboard, all cured and seasoned. The red object to the left of the license plate is actually a pink plastic box with chalk inside and magnets attached to the back. I’ll leave it on the car when it’s parked at shows, Route 66 events, and other appropriate locations.

Answers to a couple of frequently asked questions. 🙂

Scout waits beside Route 66 for her old friend Bob to pick her up and take her on an adventure.

A closer look at the Scout portrait. It’s a little hard to see a black-headed dog against a black background, but you can make it out fairly clearly in the daylight.

Scout, Bob, and a VW on Route 66 are actually fairly close to my vision of heaven, as I think about it.

This has been a pretty great weekend: bees, baseball, sunshine, and an art project.

Hope your weekend was full of whatever makes you happy.