Chalking it up

I had a pretty afternoon and a little time on my hands today, so I touched up the paint on my hood — which was getting a little dinged-up — and added a couple of flourishes to the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcar:

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the area above the bumper and below the back windshield is now covered with chalkboard paint. After it cures, I’ll season it with chalk dust (you rub the side of a piece of chalk all over it and then erase it) and attach a magnetic container full of chalk to the back so people can leave me messages.

One of my main goals, upon starting this project, was to immortalize Bob Waldmire and his famous VW Microbus on the side of my car. I think this attempt turned out pretty well. I’m going to hit it with a shot or two of lacquer tomorrow morning to protect it a little bit.

This gives you a little better sense of scale. The picture took something like three hours to complete, but I think it was worth the time. I’ll finish roughing in the road when time allows. I still want to paint a Route 66 sign and Scout hitchhiking next to the road on the driver’s side of the car. On the passenger’s side, I’ll put another quotation in the clouds (probably something from either Mrs. Eddy or Richard Bach, but I haven’t settled on a line yet) and add a glowing Route 66 shield and maybe a neon sign to the mix.

We had a pretty busy Saturday. We spent part of the morning picking up trash with a volunteer crew from RedFork Main Street, headed down to Okemah for lunch, and came back home, where I washed the car, started to paint it, stopped for a light rain, wrote up next week’s lesson plans, and went back outside to finish painting after the rain.

Tomorrow, I’ve got church, lunch with a guy who wants me to lead a group of teachers on a Route 66 tour from Sapulpa to Clinton this summer, and a Drillers game. When we get home from the game, I’ll probably work on the car some more.



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