I apologize for my spotty blogging habits of late; I’ve been busy with a project that directly relates to my employment status.

The details are very complicated and confusing, and I’m not entirely sure I understand all of them, but the upshot is that Swayze came to me two and a half weeks ago and said, in essence, that my job was in danger, and that his best shot at saving it hinged on how quickly I could get myself certified to teach algebra.

I’d already planned to take the math certification exam in late May, but that meant I wouldn’t get my test score back — and my certification paperwork filed — until June, which Swayze was afraid might be too late, so I registered for the April 17 test.

For obvious reasons, I’ve been a little preoccupied since then.

I took the test this morning. I won’t know for sure until mid-May, but I am fairly confident that I passed, because most of the problems seemed easy, and there were only two or three that I absolutely could not figure out at all.

I will probably be offline for a couple more days while I catch up all the projects and deadlines I had to postpone while I was cramming for the test, but I am optimistic that things will smooth out a little bit by the end of next week.

If you think of it, please say a prayer for my kids this week. They’re taking their big End-of-Instruction tests in several different subjects (including English II), and they are required to earn passing grades on some of the tests as a condition of graduation, so it’s a pretty high-stakes game for all of us.



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