Totally ’80s Thursday: Richard Marx

‘K … so I am replacing your regularly scheduled Folk Thursday offering with this gem from the late ’80s because I just spent two hours in a Starbucks, sucking down venti decaf cappuccinos and doing geometry proofs as fast as I could go, and the combination of coffee and geometry made me think of high school.

I hated high school, but I loved geometry. And coffee. And Richard Marx.

I’d forgotten how much I loved geometry until I started doing proofs tonight. It was sort of like being reunited with an old high-school boyfriend.

If I’d had a high-school boyfriend.

Which I didn’t.

Probably because I was the kind of girl who found cappuccino and geometry more interesting than boys. (Unless, of course, the boys in question looked like Richard Marx, whose picture was taped to the back of my calculator.)

I am not allowed to use my own calculator on the test. That’s a shame, because I bet I’d score a lot higher if I could use a calculator with a picture of Richard Marx taped to the back for luck….